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Committee on Ministry
Moderator: Rev. Bill Samford

The Committee on Ministry functions to support congregations in calling and working with professional leadership, to act as pastor and counselor to individuals called to leadership in the church, and to facilitate the relations between congregations, teaching elders, ruling elders, Christian educators, and the presbytery toward a healthy and vital ministry.

Class of 2019

  • Rev. Bill Samford*                                           Hawley
  • Judy Smith                                                        Elmhurst

Class of 2018

  • Rev. Barry Ballard                                           Wyalusing
  • Carol Cowan                                                    Hawley
  • Wayne Wolfe                                                   Carbondale
  • Rev. Bob Zanicky                                             Wilkes-Barre

Class of 2017

  • Rev. Bill Blackie                                                Bethany
  • Warren Keller                                                   Covenant
  • Rev. Rebecca Tanner                                      Ashley