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Leadership Vision/Trustees

The purpose of the Leadership Vision Team is to coordinate the implementation of the Presbytery’s vision and mission through its various entities, and to function as the Presbytery’s Board of Trustees, overseeing its properties and business affairs.

The Leadership Vision Team consists of:

Moderator                                               Rev. Roger Griffith                            Moosic

Presbytery Moderator                           Jean Biggar                                         Dunmore

Presbytery Vice-Moderator                  Rev. Roger Griffith (HR)                    Moosic

President of Trustees                            Alex Becker                                       Langcliffe

Stated Clerk                                            Margaret Zeigler                               West Pittston

Transitional General Presbyter           Rev. Virginia Miner                           Lackawanna Valley



Budget & Finance                                                              

Camp Lackawanna                                 Jamie Strong & Sue Klimer            Clarks Summit/Wyalusing

Committee on Ministry                         Rev. Bill Samford                             Hawley

Congregational Innovation                  Rev. Alex Becker                              Langcliffe

Congregational Resource                     Alice Kocher                                     Trinity of Dallas

Leadership Development                     Rev. Jennifer Baer                           Trinity of Dallas

Matthew 25                                             Rev. Jim Thyren                                West Pittston

Nominations                                           Rev. Ken Forbes                               Dunmore

Personnel                                                Dave Oriel                                        Church of Christ Uniting

Presbyterian Women                             Jean Biggar                                      Dunmore