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Meetings and Minutes

Meetings and Minutes

Meeting minutes, reports, and handouts are maintained on the website for one year. Documents referred to as Attachments in the minutes are not actually attached to the minutes as they would be to a hard copy or hyperlink, but are listed and available here during  that time period.

Complete minutes and  documents from past Lackawanna Presbytery meetings are archived at the Presbytery Office.

For more information on minutes or meetings, please contact the Presbytery Office.


Stated Meeting February 4, 2017 @ Christ Church Uniting, Kingston

You may download the documents by clicking on the link in aqua.  Only limited copies will be available at registration for folks without computer access. Please print what you need or read electronically.


Omnibus and Clerk's Report

Budget and Finance Team Report

Congregational Innovation Team


     No More Church As Usual handouts

Nominations Team Report

Leadership Development Team Candidate Brochure

General Assembly Amendments Discussion Materials

    Summary Brochure


    Revised Directory for Worship

Camp Lackawanna 2017 Budget


Stated Meeting November 12, 2016 @ Wyalusing Presbyterian Church

You may download the documents by clicking on the link



Presbytery Engagement Team Report 

Stated Clerk Report

Financial Statement

2017 Budget

2017 Terms of Call and Worksheet

2017 Nominations Slate 

Synod Commissioners Report

Introduction of GA Amendments

Pine Ridge Reservation Presentation

Presbyterian Women Report


Stated Meeting - September 10, 2016 @ Camp Lackawanna

You may download the documents by clicking on the link


Omnibus Motion/Stated Clerk's Report

Dismissal Agreement

By-Laws Revision September 2016

Operations Manual Revised

Transitional Leadership Draft

Mission Plans Team Structure

2017 Budget and July 2016 Statement

LDT Upcoming Training Handout

Nate Achterhof Brochure for LDT

For Docket from Nominations Team


2017 Budget Presentation


Stated Meeting - May 3, 2016 @ Trinity Presbyterian Church



Omnibus Motion and Stated Clerk's Report

Budget and Finance Report

COM Report

Franklin Hill Gracious Dismissal

Leadership Vision Team Report:  Mission Plan

Necrology  2015

Nominations Team Report

Trustees Reports: Trustees, Grounds Cafe, Grounds Cafe Dream Grant,

Personnel Team Reports:  Terms for AGP, AGP Final Description, Transitional Draft

Presbytery Financial Summary March 2016

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Stated Meeting - February 6, 2016 @ First Presbyterian Church of Hawley 


Omnibus/Clerk's Report

2016 Moderator-Liaison List

2016 Minister List

CE Terms of Call

Budget & Finance Report

2016 Minimum Terms

Nominating and Personnel Team Reports

Camp Budget

Presbyterian Women Report

Commissioner Handbook

Clerk of Session Manual

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Stated Meeting - October 3, 2015 @ Camp Lackawanna

Omnibus/Stated Clerk's Report

Ministers List

Honesdale Dismissal Agreement

Budget & Finance Report

Nominations for 2016

GA Commissioners/YAAD Applications

Presbyterian Women Report


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Special Meeting - July 8, 2015 @ First Presbyterian Church of Clarks Summit


Related Investment Documents


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Special Meeting - May 18, 2015 @ First Presbyterian Church of Clarks Summit

Examination of Rev. Jason Clapper

Terms of Call


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Stated Meeting - May 12, 2015 @ Hickory Street Presbyterian Church


Omnibus and Stated Clerk's Reports

2014 Necrology Report

Report on PA Child Safety Law

Financial Statement

Mission/Per Capita Summary


Technology Training

Camp Golf Forms

Presbyterian Women


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