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Year End Checklist and Documents



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For your Treasurer/Finance Team:

  • Each church should have received a regular-mail letter from Transitional General Presbyter Rev. Virginia Miner with important information for 2017 giving. Please review and share this information with your sessions.
  • This letter also included your Per Capita and Mission giving statements for 2016, also for review, and remittance.
  • Please use the presbytery remittance form to accompany your payments.
  • Churches wishing to apply for the discounted e-giving program must do so before the DEADLINE of December 21.
  • The presbytery will close its 2016 books on January 6, 2017.


For your Clerk/Secretary:

  • Lackawanna Presbytery’s 2017 Church Update Form is due by the February 4 Stated Meeting. Please let us know if there are no changes to last year’s information.
  • 2016 SESSION ANNUAL STATISTICAL REPORTS (for 2017 Per Capita assessment) can be submitted online now until February 4, 2017 at (Reminder: Your church’s user name and password are located on your gold card!)
  • Clerks Annual Questionnaires will be posted at  when the link becomes available. (Reminder: Please complete the parts of the form that apply to your church. Incomplete forms are accepted!)
  • Please send a copy of your Annual Report for 2016 to the presbytery office.
  • The 2016 Necrology Form is due by April 24 for recognition at the May meeting.
  • Session Minutes Reviews will be held at each On-the-Road visit and at each Stated Meeting. Watch the e-news for the schedule. Clerks are asked to complete the minute-reading checklists before attending.
  • A brief training for session clerks will be held before the February 4 Stated Meeting. Watch the schedule for more information.
  • Last resort deadline assistance with statistics filing will also be available prior to the February 4 Stated Meeting. Advance notice is required.


For Your Session and Congregation:

  • Minimum Terms of Call have been set for 2017.
  • Commissioners Q & A’s are held prior to each stated meeting for new and experienced commissioners to review the agenda for the day.  Watch the schedule for more information.
  • The 2017 Mission Yearbook is again available online (for free!) See to subscribe for an e-mail version or copy a link for daily viewing.
  • Information on the 2016 General Assembly’s proposed amendments is available for all members of PCUSA churches, and will be voted on during the presbytery’s May Stated Meeting.
  • 2017 Teams have been elected. There are still some vacancies. To nominate yourself or someone you know, please fill out the Nominations Form.
  • Our Church of the Week prayer list for 2017 is available to use as a prayer reminder.
  • Stated Meetings are open to all members of the presbytery. Information is posted online and in the weekly e-news starting about a month before each gathering.
  • Invite us! We try to vary our locations around the presbytery, but we would love to put you on our list of churches to visit for an upcoming Stated Meeting or On-the-Road Day.
  • Anyone wishing to be on the Presbytery of Lackawanna’s weekly E-NEWS mailing list can register HERE!