Camp Lackawanna

Moderator: Tierney Ollendyke

The Camp Lackawanna Team serves the Presbytery through planning and oversight of the programs and operations of Camp Lackawanna, a mission and ministry of the Presbytery of Lackawanna. Our Mission Statement is:

"We offer the abundant grace of Jesus Christ to all through engagement with God’s Creation."

Class of 2023

  • Ryan Ross                                                  Wyalusing
  • Jim Davenport                                             Wyoming Valley 

Class of 2022

  • Alexa Eidam                                                Church of Christ Uniting
  • Pam Kerns                                                  1st Wilkes-Barre
  • Tierney Ollendyke - Chair                            Covenant                                      

Class of 2021

  • Bruce Jordan                                               Covenant
  • Rachel Thurston                                          Valley United         


Director of Outdoor Ministries

  • Mykela Bricka
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